Branford Garden Club

What We Do

Baskets on the Green 

The Baskets on the Green began In 2003 as a gift to the Town of Branford, on the occasion of the Club's 75th Anniversary.  European-style baskets were installed on the lamp posts along both sides of a half mile stretch on Main Street. 

Businesses and individuals were invited to "adopt a basket".  The Club has since installed, planted, and now maintains thirty two, twenty six inch baskets.  Flowers are replaced with evergreens in December.  Thanks to the excellent participation by our members, the baskets are much-admired by our community.  


Branford Festival on the Green

The Club promotes both civic and club pride by renting a booth each year at the 3-day town-wide Branford Festival. Our posters, exhibits and displays demonstrate how we help our community. Conservation efforts are highlighted along with hands-on planting activities for young children.  Our booth gives us an excellent opportunity to promote club membership.




 Civic Development

The main focus of the Civic Development Committee is to locate new public sites for landscapes projects and to upgrade areas already established by the Garden Club. Examples of these projects include: the Cenotaph restoration, the perennial garden at the corner of Main and Montowese Streets, landscaping at the Town Hall and a rain garden planted at the intersection ofMontowese and Main in 2012. A Memorial Fund for deceased Garden Club members was created in 1988 and is under the Civic Development Committee. Over the years, six memorial gardens have been planted at the request of family members.

The Branford Garden Club is responsible for upkeep of the Veteran's Memorial Garden on the Town Green (by the flagpole), the Alta Newton Memorial Herb Garden (at Harrison House), and the Mae McCabe Memorial Daylily Garden (near the Academy on the lower Green).  These gardens are checked bi-weekly throughout the growing season.  We also check the indoor planter at the Community Center and replace plants when needed.  A Spring Planting Day is held the middle of May and Fall Cleanup of all gardens is held at the beginning of November.  Our goal is to keep these gardens thriving.                                                          


Community Awards

Residential and commercial gardens in Branford will be evaluated for their excellence by the Awards Committee.  Club membership will be solicited for recommendations on exceptional gardens.  Winners will be chosen by the Committee and honored at the February meeting.  They will be presented with a framed Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding gardens, landscaping or other themes set by the Club. Pictures of their gardens will be sent to the Publicity Chair for submission to local media.




Conservation Committee

The mission of the Conservation Committee is to stimulate and encourage club members to protect and conserve our natural resources. To that end, the Committee develops and implements projects designed to expand members' interest on issues pertaining to a greener environment. Recycling, ways to reduce waste and pollution, appreciation of wildlife, and preservation of natural habitats, are the Conservation Committee's special goals.





Daffodil Project 

"Project Daffodil" Committee continues its spring beautification efforts by purchasing 500 bulbs and planting them throughout our town during the fall. We all look forward to the spring when we enjoy the fruits of our labor!





Members provide a monthly floral arrangement for our luncheons. A floral design workshop is held at least once a year.

At the beginning of the holiday season wreaths are made for the Blackstone Library, the Willoughby Wallace Library and the Community House. In addition, the entire Blackstone Library is decorated.  All greens are donated by the members.


Garden Therapy 

The purpose of Garden Therapy is to use plants and horticultural activities to enhance the physical, mental, and social health of the elderly and incapacitated individuals in the community.  Projects include: distributing May baskets and Fall arrangements to seniors in various facilities in town and the homebound; overseeing horticultural activities once a month with seniors at The Orchard House; and weekly changing of flowers at the Community Dining Room.



Horticulture Committee

Our purpose is to educate and promote good gardening practices and to introduce our membership to new and old varieties of plants, shrubs and trees.  This is carried out through scheduled programs at our monthly meetings, hands-on projects and informational handouts.  All members are required to bring at least one horticulture specimen per year.  We encourage members to contribute one at each meeting. 



Note Cards and Postcards

Photographs of flowers, gardens, wildlife and seasons are taken and developed into note cards with envelopes.  The note cards are sold to our members at club meetings and to the general public at the Village Express in Lockworks Square.




Youth Activities

Our mission is to work with children and youth and their teachers in child-friendly ways that educate and nurture an interest in plants and gardening.  Using age-appropriate techniques, accompanied with a brief gardening lesson, we have planted pansies at Murphy School in recognition of Earth Day, red, white and blue annuals with Walsh 5th graders at Center Cemetery in honor Memorial Day, and in the fall we planted daffodil bulbs at the middle and high school.  For twenty years we have helped preschoolers make Mother's Day "arrangements" by simply helping them place flowers in mugs.  All the materials are either donated by members or purchased with our budget.  Members are encouraged to join in -- pick the age group you enjoy working with the most and have fun!